Artist's Honorarium  $300 per day, negotiable, plus travel expenses if applicable.

We Gather Together to Share Our Own Stories This is a program in which students are encouraged to tell their own stories, using a wide variety of object-prompts. This process may be extended into a gathering of stories from members of the students' families and communities.  These stories are then shared orally and/or compiled into a written format, which may be further converted into a dramatic presentation. 

Tell Me the Old, Old Stories  A mish-mash of mostly mountain stories (drawn from The Jack Tales and The Grandfather Tales), local legends and personal tales from the artist's own experiences.The oral tradition ​is emphasized and may be further illustrated by the addition of examples of ballads, both those brought over from the British Isles and other regions of the Old Country and originals composed by the artist, in the time-honored folk tradition. 

Older age levels may be encouraged to generate their own versions of ballads and folk songs, either individually or as a group project.

Let Me Get My Hands On That Oldtime Mountain Music

This is a highly interactive program well suited to multi-generations
in which students are introduced to the full gamut of oldtime
Appalachian instruments, including fiddle, clawhammer banjer,
Appalachian autoharp, lap dulcimer, Carter-style guitar, folk harp,
upright (doghouse) bass and washtub bass, percussion instruments 
(including spoons, washboard and homemade shakers (construction
of which may be included in the program) and the oldest instrument: 
​the human voiceHistorical information about the evolution of oldtime
​music and the origins of the instruments ​is age-level appropriate.

Rhodyjane's Artist-in-Residence programs combine storytelling with hands-on musical experience employing a wide variety of folk instruments. She has presented programs, daily to weekly, in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. 

​The following program descriptions are to be considered merely as starting places. Rhodyjane is creative, flexible and willing to work with combinations of ideas and/or to custom design a program
​which best fits and suits the host agency.  If time permits, an "informance" at the end of the allotted session to share what has been learned in the course of the artist's residency is highly recommended...and much fun to boot!